Awards & Programs

We are proud of the many awards and honors we have earned over the years. We’ve included a complete list for you below.

Quote by Ray Charles

Our award-winning band programs are a result of many things; a supportive parent community, dedicated faculty and staff, motivated and energetic students, and also great middle schools that help feed our program.

There are no “try-outs” for Lassiter Bands per se, but we do like to hear each student play, so we can place him or her in the right class. It’s an informal process that gives us a better understanding of where each student is in his or her musical ability.

Our Programs

We are proud to offer the following programs:

If you are interested in joining our bands or would like more information about these programs, please e-mail one of our band directors below. He or she will be happy to talk with you about joining our fabulous, award-winning group!

Jeff Harper, Associate Director of Bands
Koji Mori, Assistant Band Director