Color Guard

The color guard at Lassiter High School is a part of the marching band and music program. During football season, the color guard is an integral part of the marching design, color palette, and musical interpretation of the show. The guard uses props and equipment, along with movement, to express dynamic passages in the music accompanying the marching band show.

By using flags, sabres, rifles, swing flags, and other pieces of equipment pertaining to the music, as well as a mix of ballet, jazz, modern, and contemporary modern dance, the color guard interprets the music into a stunning visual element.

The Lassiter Color Guard performs during football games at halftime and at competitions. During competitions, the guard adds to the overall score of the band; however, the judges also give an individual score to the color guard for a category usually called auxiliary.

The Lassiter Color Guard consists of high school students who benefit from being in a world-class organization and have the opportunity to work with some of the best professional color guard instructors and performers in the world. Top-quality instruction is critical to the success of the color guard and allows success and contributes to the rich tradition of excellence, which makes the Lassiter Bands so well known.

Junior Trojan Color Guard Program

Color GuardThe purpose of the Jr. Trojan Guard program is to introduce students to the Lassiter Color Guard program and the Lassiter Marching Band program. By teaching the students fundamental skills on flag, marching, and movement, students incorporate these skills into a routine. The students will perform and demonstrate for friends and family at the end of the season.

The Jr. Trojan Guard program is a great way to meet other motivated and interested students in a positive atmosphere. The students will learn the value of hard work while gaining new performance skills. Color guard is also an excellent confidence builder as the students learn to work together as a team. Patience, leadership skills, and creative thinking are only a few reasons to be involved with the Lassiter Jr. Trojan Color Guard program!