District Honor Band & All State Band

We enthusiastically support Honor Band and All-State because the audition process is fair, comprehensive, and individual. The Lassiter band currently leads all Cobb County schools in honor band participation. This is important, not due to the sheer number of participants, but because of the process involved and the skills required to be accepted into the ensemble fall in line with our philosophy. The honor bands are built from highly developed individual skill and musicianship explored through a comprehensive audition process. If students “pass” each round of the audition, then they proceed to the next round. There are two rounds of auditions; the first in December, the second in January. If a student passes both round of auditions, they proceed to the District 12 Honor Band Event in February. Finalists proceed to the All-State Band Event in March in Athens, GA.

For upcoming dates and locations, check our calendar.