Symphonic Band Camp

Our winter band fees support and finance the Symphonic Band Camp and winter guard activities. The camp is a spectacular tradition that began in the 1986-1987 school term and has been replicated in schools throughout the state, region, and country. The SBC is rooted in sound education, placing a balanced emphasis on music making. The camp is mandatory for all instrumentalists. The point of the camp is to invite some of the finest musicians and musical minds in the country to share their talent, insight, and philosophy with our students. Symphonic Band Camp includes a recital with members of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, and local professionals, followed by a masterclasses in which every student receives a handout for continued learning and study afterwards. Students also enjoy the opportunity to spend the weekend with a clinician thereby giving each student an authentic “honor band” experience. It is important that every student in the Lassiter band program feel that they are valued, significant, and critical to our program’s success. This philosophical belief is on full display during our Symphonic Band Camp. The Symphonic Band Camp is a second semester boost for all our booster committees, students, and instructors in preparation for Large Group Performance Evaluation.