Welcome to the LHS Band

Upon joining the Lassiter High School Marching Trojan Band students are issued the official uniform of the Band.

So, let’s meet your new uniform!

First, there’s the jacket. The Uniform is styled after a Civil War era officer’s military uniform. Notice the Trojan head with G clef on the left sleeve. This is the official symbol of the Lassiter High School Music program.

Under your jacket, you will wear Bibbers. Bibbers is an informal term for “bib overalls.” The Bibbers, of the Marching Uniform, are similar to bib overalls.

Next, you will add the gauntlets. Remember, the uniform is based on a Civil War era officer’s uniform. Gauntlets were an extended glove worn to protect the hand. Today, the uniform includes gauntlets to complete the look of the officer’s uniform.

To finish the look of the uniform, each marcher wears a Shako. A Shako is a military cap in the form of a cylinder or truncated cone worn with a visor and a plume. The word shako is an Anglicized version of the Hungarian word csákó which means “helmet.”

So, that’s it. You join a distinguished line of great marchers and musicians who have been a part of the Lassiter High School Trojan Marching Band. Take great pride in wearing and caring for your uniform!

Along those lines, a longtime favorite friend of the Uniform Closet, Ulissa, has created a video to show you the proper way to store and transport your uniform.